Seth MacFarlane, the Producer of Cosmos and creator of The Family Guy, American Dad and much more, recently answered some questions about Cosmos during a Reddit AMA.

Cosmos airs Sundays at 9PM EDT on Fox or National Geographic. The Spacebits team live tweets each episode so be sure to follow along.

Here are a few of his responses that we thought worth highlighting.

sciencequiche, asks: “How happy are you with the reception to Cosmos (ratings, critics, fans on the street, etc.)? Do you see any chance for a 2nd edition that goes further than these 13 eps?”

The positive response to Cosmos has been incredibly overwhelming, and we‘re very grateful to everyone who‘s watched. If it continues to be a success, there may be room for more, but that‘s up to Ann Druyan.

BleedBlue81, asks: “What was the biggest reason you took the job to produce Cosmos?”

I think there‘s a natural curiosity about the universe that we‘re all born with, and which has been starved in recent years by a media that was once more interested in feeding it. There hasn‘t been any real science on network TV in a long time.

seanbrunett, asks: “Do you have any other plans or ideas for advancing science to popular culture?”

Cosmos‘ reception will ultimately determine that. If we reach the end of our 13-week run and we‘ve held onto enough viewers who like seeing a mind-blowing science extravaganza on a network, then the cosmic horizon is the limit.

lifeofthe6, asks: “How do you think the cultural landscape of science has changed since the old program, and do you think more people will be open to using science and logic to answer questions about the universe in the future?”

I hope that is what Cosmos does. Since the original aired, we‘ve seen a disturbing regression in scientific awareness and understanding. It manifests itself in everything from the deterioration of our space program to the terrifyingly irresponsible trend of parents not vaccinating their kids. It is my hope that Cosmos gets the train somewhat back on the tracks so it can move forward.

jennadaily, asks: “You‘re pretty much my hero. Anyway, how much have you influenced the direction of COSMOS? What‘s been your favorite part of working with NDT?”

My influence in Cosmos is more in the area of mass awareness than hands-on production. I‘m involved in the making of the series, but it‘s Ann Druyan‘s baby, and of course I‘m not a scientist. Neil is the world‘s greatest hang, because you can ask him all the big questions about the nature of the universe and what science has revealed to us, and you can let your curiosity run wild.

dlopez1196, asks: “How was it to work on Cosmos without a professional or educational background in science?”

Most fun job I‘ve ever had. I learn new things about science from Ann & Neil every day.

We’re really liking Cosmos so far. Read the full AMA if you’re a fan of Seth.

Image credit: Chris Buck for Wired.