In January I wrote, on my personal blog, about Stephen Hawking publishing a paper that said “there are no black holes”.

I’m not going to even pretend to fully grasp this, however, I simply had to link to it.

I didn’t fully grasp it then but I can almost, sort of, understand it now. Because fortunately someone has taken the time to decipher what Hawking actually said and Rebecca Jacobson has covered it for PBS Newshour:

What Hawking did was propose an explanation to one of the most puzzling problems in theoretical physics. How can black holes exist when they seem to break two fundamental laws of physics — Einstein’s laws of relativity and quantum mechanics? We’ll explain.

Thank heavens for smart people.

Also, here is a YouTube video by SciShow covering Hawking’s paper to help us mere mortals understand what Hawking really said.

Source: PBS Newshour.

Image credit: Karwai Tang.